iFTPStorage: Access Your iPhone via FTP To Download And Upload Files

New day , new app in… the iTunes appstore: iFTPStorage. What, this is an appstore app? Hell yeah, seems like the iTunes is slowly becoming more attractive. iFTPStorage allows us to upload and download, photos, music and documents from your computer to the iPhone and vice-versa.

After you install the app, you will be able to connect via the various FTP clients available for Mac and PC, by entering your iP address, the port specified by the app ( usually 21 ) and the user name and password that you will set from within the app. iFTPStorage has a very simple and intuitive UI so you will have no problems, setting this up.

You can see all your files via the storage tab within the app and you also have a handy searchbox at the top of the screen. The only differences i’ve noticed so far between iFTPStorage and DropBox are:

  • you are not restricted with 2 gigs of storage space ( like dropbox does, unless you pay or get friends to join ) . You can use all your free storage space on your iDevice.
  • notice in the pics below i’ve added two .pls files. Those are playlist files for online radio that iFTPStorage does not recognize. On the other hand, DropBox recognized them and i could listen to them on the go.
  • also you can see i added our eBook there. It is a .pdf file and both apps could recognize the file format and read it. The difference is that , DropBox let’s you zoom in and out, and you can scroll up and down to see all the pages. iFTPStorage has a menu to scroll through the pages, which takes half of the page, and you can only zoom in.

You can find iFTPStorage in the appstore, and act now because it is free today.