Identify Fonts Using a Picture And Your iPhone

I love design, and i absolutely love typography. I don’t know about you, but i can’t count the times I’ve seen a beautiful font, and i just wanted to know the name of it. If you are at home, in front of your computer, somehow the process of finding out the fonts name, gets pretty easy.

But what do you do when you see it on a poster or somewhere in the city, at a festival and so on? Well if you know the service What The Font ? , you’re about to have an orgasm now. Because they just released an iPhone app, and it’s FREE. [ iTunes link ]

This app cant be easier to use. This are the steps that you need to take in order to identify a font :

  • take a picture or use a picture on your phone
  • crop the picture
  • check the letters
  • let the app identify the font

Take a picture or use a picture on your phone

This is self explanatory . You either take a picture of a poster or any other graphic, or you use a picture that’s already on your iPhone. My advice here is to use picture that have a certain quality. Taking a picture with your iPhone , it’s pretty risky. First of all i suggest you take it on a bright natural day light, so the picture will have a good quality, and than make sure your hands are not shaking. Get the picture as perfect as you can.

Also MAKE SURE you read the rules on their site. There’s a couple of rules  like, the letters in the words must not be touching.

Crop the picture

Also self explanatory. Let’s say your picture is a concert poster. You dont need the entire poster, you just need the part where a word written in the font that you are interested in is. So there’s no need to keep the entire pic, just crop it. If you want the entire pic, dont worry the original wont be cropped. How do you crop? Simple, just drag from one point to another with your finger. Start in the top left corner of the word and drag down towards the bottom right corner of the word. If the rectangle, which represents the area that you want to crop, is not getting the entire word that you need, dont worry you can move it around. You can’t make it bigger or smaller tho. Don’t you even worry about this. If you ever used a photo editing software before, you’ll know exactly what to do.After you selected the area that you want to crop, just tap Upload.

Check the letters

After you cropped the picture and you tapped upload, the app will take a few seconds ( very fast ), to upload your image and try to guess every letter of your word. Depending on the imagine, font, word etc, it will or it wont guess every letter of your word. All you need to do is check the list of letters and remove the ones that are not part of the word. Once you done that, just press Identify! and voila.