Icon Tool: New Tweak Gives You More Control Over Your Apps


New day, new tweak in Cydia. Icon Tool is a new tweak by ioshack, that allows you to easily manage the apps installed on your iOS device.

There are no settings to configure. You will have to tap an hold on any icon on your SpringBoard until you activate the ‘jiggle mode’. From there, choose any application and triple-tap on it to trigger the menu you see in the screenshot above.

From the menu, you will be able to perform any of the following actions for the application that you triple-tap on:

  • Open in iFile
  • Clear badge
  • Launch
  • Delete
  • Clear caches
  • Back up data
  • Restore data

These features are very powerful. The open in iFile feature is handy when you have a game, or another application, and want to edit its contents. This is particularly popular among game players that want to unlock items without playing through the game and earning them. Clear badge, launch, and delete are all pretty obvious, so there’s no need to explain those.

Clear caches will come in handy for applications that accumulate large amounts of data over time, such as Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. Clearing the cache of an application empties the application’s caches and opens up more of your storage space. Backing up and restoring data is great for when you want to retain an application’s state after deleting it, and then bring that application’s state back when you install it again.

Icon Tools is available for $1 in Cydia via BigBoss repo…