iCleaner To Be Updated To v7 With Huge Performance Boost [video]



iCleaner expects an update wich will bring huge speed improvements to the app. If you’re not familiar with this Cydia app, iCleaner is the ultimate iOS device cleaning app! It removes unnecessary files from your device! You can launch it from the springboard or from any terminal app ( command: “iCleaner” ( no quotes and you must be root to run it).

What does it do?

  • Cleanup: iCleaner removes unnecessary files from your device. The cleanup process is made of the following steps:
  • Safari: it deletes cookies, browsing history and cache files to free up memory and preserve your privacy.
  • Applications: it deletes unnecessary AppStore apps caches, cookies, temporary files and snapshots. Furthermore, it detects popular applications for a more in-depth cleanup.

More apps are added with each subsequent release. User login data, useful cookies and other relevant files are left untouched. iCleaner only removes the unnecessary..

  • Log files: it deletes log files and crash reports from known locations. These files are generally irrelevant to the user and can be safely deleted.
  • Cache files: it scans and deletes system cache files and databases. Some of them are rebuilt upon respring. This helps removing obsolete cache data.
  • Temporary files: it deletes temporary files from your device. These files are meant to be removed automatically, but they often happen not to. iCleaner takes care of that.
  • Cydia: it cleans up Cydia caches and temporary files, Cydia applications unnecessary files, partially downloaded Cydia packages and repo files.
  • Cydia sources (disabled by default): it deletes Cydia sources files. Useful if Cydia sources aren’t updating correctly.
  • Unused dependencies (disabled by default): issues the “apt-get autoremove” command in order to remove packages installed as dependencies that are not needed anymore. Additionally, it removes preference files left by some uninstalled packages. ( This is disabled by default since it should only be used by experienced users who want to automate the operation )
  • Filetype cleanup: iCleaner features a custom cleanup pass based on file extensions. By default, it looks for log and temp files all over the directory tree.

iCleaner can also:

  • Remove unused languages.
  • Remove unused keyboards.
  • Remove unused voice control languages.
  • Delete retina images.
  • Delete iPad images.
  • Delete 4-inch images.
  • Delete iTunesArtwork files.
  • Delete wallpapers
  • Move the Fonts folder from/to the system partition.

There’s no ETA for the update. We’ll keep you informed. Stay tune…