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iBackMyi: Shell Script To Backup Your iOS Device

iBackMyi is a shell script that backs up user defined directories and creates a gzipped tarball. This can then be uploaded to a FTP site or downloaded to another computer such as a laptop or desktop.


  • AppStore list
  • Cydia sources list
  • List of Cydia packages installed on your device
  • Description of Cydia packages
  • List of themes installed on your device
  • iFile Bookmarks
  • Tweak preferences
  • Safari bookmarks and browsing history
  • SMS database and call history

1. Download .deb file

2. Copy the .deb file to /var/mobile/ and install it via iFile ( see video below )

3. To backup your *stuff*, load MobileTerminal ( found in Cydia ) and type:

  • su
  • alpine
  • ibackmyi ( all lowercase )

4. Once the process is done, you can get the backup from /var/mobile/media/iBackMyi

The script is still in beta ( use it at your own risk ). The dev is working on adding new features, such as restoring from a backup. If you want to do that right now, you can SSH into your device and overwrite the files with your backup. For more info, support and future releases visit the official project page

[Thx Marc, via iPhonix]