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HowTo: Share Via FaceBook and Twitter With iTunes 9

iTunes 9 seems to be a trending topic all over the Internet right now. Its pretty badass, and we briefly covered it here. One badass feature ( or not ) is the ability to share stuff with your Twitter and Facebook account. But i got really frustrated when i couldn’t find this functions in iTunes 9. Looked in the menu , in the bar and nothing.

A couple of users on twitter asked me if i can find the “social media” function, and then i realized im not a dumbass, and this function is either hidden somewhere or it doesent exist , and this pretty much put more gas on my fire.

Well , it turns out this feature is not hidden. In fact is quite easy to do, but not really extremely exciting. Basically you can only share songs or albums or w/e that you can buy from the appstore. Nothing fancy as sharing your playlist or integration with

Here is what you need to do:

  • go into iTunes store
  • look for an album or a song and click on the arrow next to “Buy Album” or “Buy Song”
  • a drop-down menu with the option to share via Facebook or via Twitter will appear
  • thats it.

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