HowTo: Record And Upload Videos To YouTube With iPhone 3G

One feature that iPhone EDGE/3G users miss is the ability to record videos and upload them to YouTube directly from their phones. One quick fix for that is to get an iPhone 3Gs. But there is another fix for that and its free: USTREAM. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone and a YouTube account.

How to record and upload videos:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone (if it’s not already jailbroke – doubt it )
  2. Create an YouTube account ( if you dont already own one )
  3. From your computer go to and create an account ( or login with your FaceBook account )
  4. Link your ustream account with your YouTube account ( go to Profile>YouTube>Get YouTube Token> Next )
  5. Install the ustream broadcaster client on your iPhone. To do this add this source in Cydia: and install UStreamUI
  6. Pretty much thats it. To better understand how to do it, and how to work with the UStream broadcaster client, watch the video below ( ATTENTION: kinda boring )