HowTo: Modify Cracked iPhone .ipa Files To Work On Lower Firmwares

Just the other day, i received an email from a dudette , which was really pissed with me, because i recommended her an app ( doesnt matter which one ) and she couldnt sync it into her iPhone. The app needs 2.2.1 FW update and she was on 2.2. So babe, from now on, please understand that its not my fault that your shit wont work, and learn how to send and email, especially when you request help.

But , being a nice dude, and a good pedagogue , i will teach you how to bypass this problem. You might not want to update to 2.2.1, or for any other reason you just dont want to update. And some apps, that you really want requires that update. Don’t worry, there is a fix for that, but you will need to work a bit for this.Pay attention, and in 10 easy steps, you will learn how to fix this “horrible” problem.

  • Download desired .ipa file ( duhhh )
  • Open the .ipa file with a file extractor ( i.e winrar) ( do not extract the files, just open it with the file extractor )
  • Enter the payload folder and then the .app folder
  • Find info.plist and extract that file
  • Open that .plist file with a text editor ( of your choice )
  • Find the folowing lines (i.e):
  • [key]MinimumOSVersion[/key]

  • Change 2.2.1 with what ever FW you got ( i.e. : 2.1, 2.2 )
  • Save the .plist file after you changed the FW number
  • Drag the modified .plist back to the archive
  • Close the file extractor and sync it to your device