HowTo: Enable Internet Tethering on iPhone OS 3.x ( any carrier, AT&T included )

New day , new app in Cydia: Internet Tethering. And oh what an app. Actually it is not an app, but a HACK. A hack that will enable internet tethering just like Apple said at WWDC 09.

Basically with this hack you will install a carrier update or profile and you will be able to enjoy tethering. In your face Apple / AT&T (not my case, but i know most of you will say that ) .

How to Install/Use Internet Tethering ?

  • load Cydia
  • search for “Internet Tethering” and install ( BigBoss repo )
  • load “Tether” from your iPhone’s springboard
  • tap on the link provided in the first paragraph
  • tap on Mobileconfigs
  • find your country, than find your carrier and than tap on download
  • tap “install now”
  • after you installed the carrier update, reboot your iPhone
  • go to Settings> General> Network> Internet Tethering
  • choose the way you’d like to tether : Bluetooth or USB and follow the directions on the screen. Almost automatic , you should have no problems what so ever.
  • enjoy