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How to Run Windows on Mac Seamlessly?

There are no doubts about the fact that Macs are designed to run every program and every software seamlessly in its thriving ecosystem. From business software to a hoard of tools that can help in gaming, Macs support a wide range of programs and without any significant glitches. Therefore, it must not come as a surprise if entrepreneurs, marketers, artists and freelancers put their faith in Macs. However, even with a near-perfect operating system, there are a few programs that run the best only on Windows. But for those who have purchased a brand new MacBook or have been using a Mac for a long time, there is a bit of good news. If you ever needed to run a program that works the best with Windows, you have a way to boot Windows on your Mac, and effortlessly so.

Mac does allow you to perform a wide range of tasks like save facebook video on your system or go about more complicated tasks. However, some programs run better on Windows, if we were being brutally honest. Having said that, in this article, we shall shed light on a few ways in which you can boot Windows on your Mac and enjoy a seamless experience while running any program.

Using Virtual Machines:

One of the best ways to run Windows on your Mac is using a virtual machine. These machines allow you to install your Windows software as well as any other operating system on your Mac efficiently. The purpose of the virtual machines is to simulate the environment of a Windows computer. That is to say that Windows will only think that it is running on the computer. However, in reality, it is just running on a software that is installed on the Mac.

All you need is a Windows license to go about this process. If you have a product key for your Windows software, you can then directly download the Windows installation software for free from the online Windows Store and run it on the virtual machine. However, if you do not have a key, you will need to purchase a license. You will also need to purchase virtual machine programs for Mac like Parallels or VMware Fusion. These programs offer the option of running free trials so that you can use them and then decide which one suits your system the best.


Using Boot Camp:

The second and perhaps the easiest way to install Windows on Mac is by using Apple’s Boot Camp. It allows Mac users to install Windows beside macOS and then revert to macOS whenever required. However, you must remember that you can run only one operating system at a time. Therefore, you need to restart your Mac to boot into your Windows or macOS. You might want to create a backup of your Mac before you install Windows on it. Once you are done backing up your Mac, you need to open your Boot Camp Assistant application.

The steps that follow are pretty easy, and for the most part, you just have to click on “Continue.” The Boot Camp application shall also provide you with the option of choosing the size of partition for your Windows OS. Once you have completed all the steps using the application, you will need to restart your Mac so that it boots into Windows.

Using Wine:

The final method in which you can run Windows on Mac is by using Wine. Wine attempts to rewrite Windows code so that it can run on any other system. However, this also means that Wine is not as perfect as you might presume it to be. It might not be able to run a program that runs well on Windows, on your Mac. Plus, it also has bugs that might dial down your Windows experience on Mac.

However, it still is worth a shot. Many people prefer using Wine because it does not require a Windows license and is entirely free. It is also important that you know that with Wine, you shall need to use a third-party application so that you can quickly install and configure some of the Windows applications. Wine works the best for those who are already aware of it. Therefore, if you are unsure about how to use the application, consider resorting to the other methods we discussed in this article.

Wrapping Up:

There are multiple ways to run Windows on your Mac, and these are just a few that we discussed in the article. It is important to acknowledge that using a Windows system might be simpler than running Windows on your Mac. However, if you do not have the option of using a Windows computer, you might want to consider any of the methods that we mentioned in this article and enjoy a seamless experience on your Mac.