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HOW TO: Hide macOS Catalina Upgrade From Software Update

macOS Catalina was finally released to the public. And just like every other n00b fuccboi fanboy, I’ve immediately clicked that ‘upgrade now’ button. Long story short there were some glitches in the matrix and the upgrade went heywire.

What happened? Don’t know, don’t really care and I don’t have the time or patience to troubleshoot now. Apple should get their shit together with both iOS and macOS anyway.

But unlike a n00b, I had backups. So, my mac is now fully restored and it’s time to hide that macOS Catalina update in the Software Update reference pane.

If you also want to hide it, maybe you don’t want to update yet and don’t want to be tempted, or avoid somebody else that has access to your mac updating, here’s how you do it:

1. Open Terminal

2. Type sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"


3. Poof. It’s gone…


4. To revert the process type: sudo softwareupdate --reset-ignored "macOS Catalina"

NOTE: you will still see ‘1 update’ next to System Preferences in the Apple Menu and if you have the System Preferences icon in the dock it will show the 1 update badge. Also…. this works with any other update that shows in the pane.