HOW TO: Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life [video]


The guys at HC came up with 5 tips to extend your phone’s battery life. Smartphone batteries deliver a constant charge of 1 watt to your phone over a span of 5 hours, so the trick to upping your precious voltage is to reduce the amount of power your phone uses per hour.

Jump over the break to check out the tips and video…

1. Check your display settings and reduce your screen brightness to a level that’s comfortable, but not a concert spotlight. While you’re adjusting your display, change your screen timeout to around 15 seconds, rather than the automatic one minute.

2. Turn off Bluetooth. This alone can help your battery live an hour longer, and it’s one less signal your phone is busily searching for.

3. Save your mapping tools for the car. When using social media, decline check-ins which automatically activate the GPS feature.

4. Avoid Task Killers. Task Killing apps may sound helpful, but they can use up even more battery power than not having them at all.

5. Finally, disable junk notifications. That photo of your friend’s dinner plate on Instagram can wait till later.