HOW TO: Enable LTE for T-Mobile on iPhone 5



If you have an unlocked iPhone 5 ( could be AT&T or factory unlocked – NO Verizon ) and you want to enable LTE for T-Mobile, jump over the break to check out the tutorial. Make sure you know what you’re doing and read all the notes…

NOTE: Make sure you have T-Mobile LTE support in your area, before you proceed.

NOTE: This will only work on A1428 model iPhone 5s

NOTE: make sure you know what you’re doing before you proceed. It’s not our fault if you mess up. BACK UP YOUR FILES!

NOTE: A rare issue that happens is that it doesn’t work while the apn settings tab disappears. A simple fix to this is to go into var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/overlay and delete any and all files in that folder and then restart your phone 2 times. The first reboot you need to let it acquire signal. It will take awhile but will eventually acquire it. After the signal is found it will say T-Mobile 3G and then this will be where the 2nd reboot must be done. After the 2nd reboot it will acquire signal faster this time and display T-Mobile 4G. Once you see the 4G icon that’s when you know it has worked. But this is a rare occurrence but should be a disclaimer and this fix should be available to the people that install it.

1. Open Cydia and add the following source:

2. Install iFile ( if you didn’t already ) and CommCenter* patch found on the newly added repo. Reboot your iPhone

3. On your iPhone tap on this link and choose to ‘Open in iFile’

4.  In iFile choose ‘Unarchiver’ and 3 new files will show up

5. At the top, tap “edit”and tap the dots with a check mark next to carrier.plist, carrier.pri, overrides_N41_N42.plist, and overrides_N41_N42.pri

6. Tap the clipboard icon at the bottom and tap “cut”

7. Now tap “done” at the top and tap the house icon at the bottom then tap Library, then tap Carrier Bundle.bundle (the one in blue), and then tap edit at the top again and tap the clipboard icon. Tap “paste” and it will auto inject the carrier files into the carrier folder overwriting the other files. (you may want to make a backup of these files in case anything goes wrong )

8. Reboot your iPhone and go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

9. After you reset the network settings go to Settings > General > Cellular  and enable LTE