HOW TO: Easily Install Arch Linux Using EZarch Install Script

Arch is a fantastic Linux distro. From being a rolling release to its stability, to the Pacman package manager and AUR. Not to mention the Arch Wiki. However, the lack of a default GUI installer drives users away to other Arch-based distros like Manjaro and ArcoLinux.

But if you want to run pure Arch, you can either follow the installation guide or use an installer like Anarchy, Zen or ezarch. Let’s take a quick look at ezarch installation script….

1. Download Arch Linux

2. Create a bootable flash drive with the downloaded ISO

3. Boot from the flash drive


4. Once booted into the live medium, download the ezarch script with wget

NOTE: there is a BIOS script and a UEFI script. If you want to use UEFI, use the same command as above but change .bios with .uefi


5.  If you want to check out the script, you can do that with more ezarch.bios


6. Run the script with bash ./ezarch.bios


7.  From now on, the installation is self-explanatory. Just choose all the options, in order, to setup and install Arch Linux.

8. When you’re done, exit the script. Reboot your computer, eject your flash drive and enjoy Arch.