HOW TO: Cheat At Ice Road Trucker Game For iOS


While messing around with my App Store games, I decided to do some digging into the plist files and SQL database files to see what I could unlock or modify.  Surprisingly, I’ve found quite a few ways to cheat in various games and, Ice Road Truckers is the first cheat in my cheat list that I’ll reveal exclusively on FSM.

NOTE: back up your files before proceeding. Don’t blame us if you screw it up…


1. Download HISTORY’s Ice Road Truckers from the app store

2. Download this .plist file

2. via SSH navigate to /var/mobile/<RANDOM-FOLDER-NAME-FOR-IRT>/Library/Preferences/

3. Replace the com.history.irt.plist with the one downloaded at step 2

4. That’s it. Now Your character is chosen as Lisa (but you can change it in the truck store under select character). Tou will also have $100,000,000 plus 100,000,000 distance driven plus all the other unlockables (level 5 on all the ‘mods’, 10,000 of each power-up, etc).

So there you go. That’s how you cheat at Ice Road Truckers. You know what they say… if you don’t have skills, cheat!

More cheats to come. Stay tuned…






About the Contributor

D2 founded the now defunct iDevice cracking group [C4iD] (Cracks 4 iDevice) as well as guest hosted The iH8sn0w Cast podcast along with iH8sn0w (available on the iTunes Store)!  He has since walked away from the cracking scene.  He is now focusing on finding security exploits to make the iOS safer as well as searching for device side cheats for App Store games.

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