HOW TO: Cheat at Drug Wars! Game for iOS


If you are anything like me you remember the good old days of gaming & get a feeling of nostalgia when you see a game of your youth. Drug Wars! is one of those games for me. While different from the original TI calculator based game in a number of ways the core idea is still the same-buy drugs at a low cost & then sell them for a profit. The original TI calculator based Drug Wars was one of my first forays into game cheating & hacking so I decided to try my hand at it on the App Store version.

This cheat will give you:

  • Base health of: 1,000,000,000
  • Cash: $9,223,372,036,854,775,807
  • Coat storage of: 100,000,000


1. Download Drug Wars!

2. Download this .plist file

3.  via SSH navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/<RANDOM-FOLDER-NAME-FOR-DrugWars>/Drug

4.Replace the DrugLand.plist with the one downloaded at step 2

5. That’s it enjoy. You know what they say… if you don’t have skills, cheat!

More cheats to come. Stay tuned…

NOTE: I am in the process of making a “mod” for this game to make it more realistic as well as up to date as far as the prices, items, etc goes. If and when I get this done it will be available exclusively here at FSM!

About the Contributor

D2 founded the now defunct iDevice cracking group [C4iD] (Cracks 4 iDevice) as well as guest hosted The iH8sn0w Cast podcast along with iH8sn0w (available on the iTunes Store)!  He has since walked away from the cracking scene.  He is now focusing on finding security exploits to make the iOS safer as well as searching for device side cheats for App Store games.

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