Does your helmet have a bunch of holes? Alright then, come clean, are you a roadie? If you are then you’ll want to get yourself a VholdR Vented Helmet Mount. The vented mount features an easy, but secure, strap system to get you clean lines without a bunch of duct tape. Adjustability comes from a 7-notched system that gives you the flexibility to mount, and then dial in your line of sight.

Where to find that and much much more great products? Well… all you have to do is to click on the link provided above. Their site is amazing. Not only that you will find all of the products that you were looking for at a very good price , but you will be presented with a well structured clean site. I love sites like this ; no time is wasted : get in get what i need and get out. In this case bookmark it , because i will be using it later.

On the lest side you will see the usual menu , where you can find best sellers, helmet cameras, accessories etc. You are not impressed by that i know, i know. But if you look in the upper page ( basically that’s the first thing you will see once you get on their page but….. ) you will have another menu, and what i like about this menu is that they have a compare section and a forum section .

Another great thing that they have , and it seems that this feature becomes more and more popular , is a live chat where you can chat with someone and they can assist you if you have any questions or problems and the FAQ section or any other section of the site can’t help you.

I almost missed the ” Why buy from us ” tab in the upper left corner. Hmm…. they have some strong points here. I give you a couple and i will let you check the rest :

  • We provide tech support for all of the products we sell! Other vendors may ask you to get in line with the original manufacturer’s support center. — i like that. if i have any sorts of problem with a product i don’t need to go from town to town to solve it
  • We respect your privacy. We do not sell our customer information to any other company. We do not send out junk mails or spam to our customers — finally . gold star on the chart for this guys. i had some problems in the past regarding to this issue . very dissapointed about it.


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