Guns, Fire and iPhones: Angry Users Protest Against Apple

Woahhh Apple… you are in a big mess right now. You pissed off a lot of people when you banned Google Voice cause of AT&T. Dont even try to say it’s not because of that, because you know you practice favoritism.

What’s your interest, i have no idea, but you used to be the company that laughed in the face of the status quo , now you are the status quo. Do you remember your 1984 commercial, that was inspired from George Orwell’s 1984? If not let me refresh your memory :

That is what you used to be. Now you make people write you breakup letters like this one:

Dear Apple,

We are sick and tired of your dictatorship. We refused to be suffocated by your iron fist. Google Voice was the last straw. From now on, im a PC where i have my freedom.

Do you see any resemblance between the letter and the commercial above? Basically you’ve become what you used to fight against. If you are wondering what’s whit this letter , it was written by an iPhone user and than he took his gun and killed… his iPhone. Check the video below :