Griffin Merchant Case + Square Reader for iPhone 5/5S

UnknownCo-developed by Griffin and Square, Merchant Case + Square Reader protects your iPhone as you take payments using the new Square Reader.

The silicone case protects your iPhone from bumps and drops. Non-slip sides and corners make the case and your iPhone easier to hold onto when you use it, and when you hand your iPhone over for your customer’s signature.

The case is custom-molded to secure the included Square Reader when connected, eliminating swivel and excess strain on your iPhone’s headphone jack. A groove in the bottom of the case aligns with the Reader to guide your customer’s card to an easy, consistent swipe time after time.

When the work day is done, simply detach your Square Reader and store it in the back of the case. Your Square Reader will always be with you.

The Merchant Case + Square Reader case is available now for $19.99 as an online exclusive at the official Griffin webstore.

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