GPush: Gmail Push on iPhone… Not Worthy Of The Hype

Everywhere i looked in the past couple of days, i saw people asking when this “amazing” application will be available to us. Well , today Tiverias Apps released GPush in the AppStore , it cost $0.99 and it “weights” 0.3 MB .

GPush is basically an iPhone/iTouch application that “fills in a gap with push notification for your Gmail account”. When you load the app, you wont see much, just a plane screen where you need to enter your Gmail username and password. It will ask you to allow the app to detect your location, which is weird and i have no idea why it asks you that, but if you dont allow it to “find you” , you wont be able to sign up ( at least i didnt until i let the app to locate me ):

It will alert you with a semitransparent alert window that reads the sender’s name and the subject line, a badge icon and the annoying ( at least to me ) chime tone. You can choose one of this alerts or all of them in the under Notifications after you install the app.

How does it work?

So so… ( can i be more vague? ) Well it’s not bad, but not at all what you expect. Most mails alerts came through, but if your iPhone is sleeping , you will be in luck if you recieve an alert after you wake the phone up. Basically it works if you use the phone.  After like 10-15 minutes it stopped working tho. No alert what so ever even emails are showing in my inbox.

GPush’s developers said in a phone call that there could be issues if the phone frequently switches between Wi-Fi and 3G data and loses the data connection. During these moments of instability, GPush will queue the new messages for notifications. When the iPhone regains its service, GPush sends out only the most recent notification, an Apple limitation to keep alerts from flooding your screen.

What i hate the most is that this app doesent integrate with the default . Really?!?! Then whats with the hype people? You will receive the alert ( or not ) and than you will have to open and wait for the app to load new mails. Wow, major step forward .

So i dont really like the app at all. Doese not do what it suppose to, and IF it does, its not well done. Even if its only  99 cents, i really suggest you to wait for the next version of the app.