Good Samaritans Chase Down iPhone Thief In New York City [video]

Two good Samaritans chased down and tackled an iPhone crook yesterday after the thief snatched the device out of a woman’s hand as she surfed the ’Net outside her lower Manhattan office, police said.

Amateur crime fighters Brian Hester and Chase Bunn were on a smoke break at around 11:30 a.m. when Noah Udell, 26, allegedly blindsided Silva outside 100 Church St.

Bunn (pictured above, far right) was the first to grab Udell, 26, but hurt his knee in the attempted citizen’s arrest. Hester then knocked the suspect to the ground but got slightly dazed himself in the fall.

That’s when a crowd of other outraged bystanders started to gather, and one man stomped his foot onto Udell’s throat.

While being a hero is its own reward, Hester also got a more practical reward for his actions. “Starbucks gave me a free refill on my coffee,” he said.