Glow In The Dark iPhone Mod [video]

Over time, we’ve shown you a lot of cool iPhone mods. From transparent and wooden rear panels to glowing Apple logos ( check them all here ), they all make your iPhone and you stand out . If that’s not ‘different’ enough for you, how about a glowing in the dark iPhone?

DesignMyi launched the first ever full glowing iPhone! This isn’t like the light-up Apple logo mod or the glow in the dark cases, they literally light up the entire back of the phone.

The mod includes the rear panel with 6 LEDs (installed behind the glass), which you can see because of the clear glass back and 9 different plastic lenses to choose from.

The brightness is controlled by your regular screen brightness setting, and causes, they claim, ‘NO NOTICEABLE BATTERY DRAINAGE!’

For more info check out the video below and the official site…