Gizmon iCa Case Turns Your iPhone 4/4S Into A Vintage Camera [video]

Capturing the look and feel of a vintage camera, the iCA iPhone case turns your phone into the camera it always dreamed of being. With iPhone photography growing everyday, why not ditch the point and shoot and just use your phone? Constructed of super tough Polycarbonate, the case surrounds your phone and comes with two ‘lenses’ that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures and the soft Gizmon bag will protect the Camera, uh, iPhone when not in use.

The Shutter button on the top of the iCA really works too! Use it with any of your favorite apps. The iCA blurs the line between phone and camera by combining them both. Grab one of the most innovative products of the year today, in Black, White or Brown.

Two holes are provided for the strap of your choice, and the Gizmon Lens Series snaps right into place for Macro or Fisheye images.

To learn more about the Gizmon iCa, visit the official website. Available for $65 here…