Get NBA JAM for iOS For Free + Cheats


Boomshakalaka! IGN’s free iOS game of the month is here: NBA JAM. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the offer is only available in the US and UK. But there’s an easy workaround this impediment – you can use a VPN if you have one, or something like Hola or SmartHide.

Jump over the break to check out how you can get the game for free and learn some cool cheats.

How To: Download NBA JAM for free

1. Using Safari on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, visit IGN’s page here

2. Tap on “Get Free Game”

get-free-game3. This will generate a promo code that you can tap and you will automatically be redirected to the app store and the app should start download automatically. PS: you can use the code in the screenshot below if you’re lazy. Obviously it can only be used once. So, once redeemed, it can’t be used anymore




Did you know that you can also play with teams like Team Democrats, Team Republicans, Mascots or even the beastie boys? Just go to Play Now. At the “Enter Initials” screen, type in the following codes:

  • Larry Bird – LAB
  • NBA Team Mascots – MAS
  • Original Jam team – OGJ
  • Stick Men – OBJ
  • Team Democrats – DEM
  • Team Republicans – REP
  • Beastie Boys – In Play Now, go to Settings>Audio>iTunes Library and play your own music

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