GeoHot Promising An Update To Blackra1n For FW 3.1.3 On A Fake Facebook Fan Page

Remember the iPad Facebook scam we told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well, this is not so much a scam, but a bad joke which. As you can see in the screenshot above, Georgie boy is promising a new update to Blackra1n for firmware 3.1.3. Everybody is happy right? Yeah, but there’s a couple of problems with this page:

  • Page description is in French
  • Page pointing to a French iPhone forum
  • “Hi guys, soon a new firmware blackrain” – not at all George’s tone , and don’t you think that he knows how to spell the name of his own tool?

Sad part is not that this pages exists, but the fact that a page like this has 1312 fans ( and increasing while I’m writing this article ) . Some people really need someone’s approval to use the internet.