iPad FaceBook Scam Automatically Signs You Up For A $10 A Week Premium Cell Phone Service

Ahhh yes, the foundation of every good business on the Internet – The Scam. And you might think that one will need a site to scam people, but it costs money to set up even a simple sales page. So what should a scammer do? Oh, wait… we got all this free social networks. First step completed.

Now, we need something hot, so naive people will fall for it. Oh wait… Apple released that new product, the iPad. Step two completed.

Now we need a script and some basic FBML code. Oh wait… we got some black hat forums where we can get this. Step three completed.

Step four ETA: as long as the product is hot and there are naive people using the internet.

So this is how the “iPad Researchers Wanted – Want to beta test Apple’s latest product?” Facebook fanpage was created. And the rest is history… ( and you can see the entire process in the vid, so it is pointless for me to describe it )

Now, do not think that every single page that has, for example, those 3 steps you need to take before you join the page is a scam. But it usually is. If you really want to join Facebook pages, first know who owns the page. Is it a company? Is it your favorite site? Is it a celebrity?

How can you recognize genuine pages? Usually a product does not have a fanpage. The company does.In case you won’t join the page from a site ( company , favorite site, celebrity etc ), and you get invited, first thing you need to check is all the info displayed on that page. Usually scammers don’t fill any info. Second of all, 99.9% of the time, they won’t have those 3 steps you need to take to join their page. But some of them might have such a script installed, because that way, they force you to invite at least 1 more person, so they will get more followers. Again, not a clear sign, but highly unlikely for a genuine targeted page. Genuine pages won’t ask you to take a quiz, or fill out a survey. And so on… Just pay attention before you click around. Stay safe…

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