GeoHot Is Preparing To Release A New Update of PurpleRa1n

If you didn’t know already, GeoHot and the DevTeam and are no longer in good terms. GeoHot complained that redsn0w use the same “hole” and the same exploit to run the Jailbreak on iPhone 3Gs.

On the other hand copumpkin is saying that the flaw was the same but the exploit completely different and created entirely by them, making it cleaner of his own.

GeoHot asked repeatedly  for the files needed to run the exploit and said that was not a good idea to release two programs that use the same “hole” . The exchange of codes is no longer the case, at least not publicly.

Still, GeoHot wrote a new message on Twitter, which highlights a problem with redsn0w perform the Jailbreak on the iPhone 3G. The same problem has also been reported by many users and GeoHot plans to release a new version of Purplera1n, can also unlock the iPhone 3G.

GeoHot “promised” the integration of iPhone 3G files within your PurpleRa1n tool, and he announced that it will snow tomorrow.