Geo Street Art Presents: Street Art NYC and Street Art London

In the late 1970’s a new art movement emerged in the most unlikely place – the gritty streets and subway trains of New York City’s most forsaken borough, the Bronx.

With raw talent, fearless energy and spray cans in hand, the first modern graffiti artists transformed their urban landscape into a mesmerizing, free, always-open museum, paving the way to today’s modern street art movement.

The Street Art NYC App showcases the art that is seen today on the streets of New York City. With over 430 locations installed, it is regularly updated, as it guides you to some of the city’s finest walls.

The App also allows you to share your favorite pieces of NYC street art with your friends over Twitter and Facebook.

Both apps are available for $2.99 in the app store: Street Art NYC ( iTunes Link ) and Street Art London ( iTunes Link ).