Second Gen Apple Peel Adds Voice And Data To The iPod Touch [video]

Like Sprint’s ZTE Peel iPod touch case, the Apple Peel 520 gives Apple’s iPod touch the ability to connect to a cellular data network. Unlike the ZTE Peel, the Apple Peel also allows users to send and receive voice calls and SMS from an iPod touch. In other works, the Apple Peel picks up where Sprint’s iPod case left off.

It looks like Yoison, the company behind the Apple Peel, is already working on a next-generation Peel that brings several additions to the table. The most apparent change is a redesigned case that makes the iPod touch look like an iPhone 4. Other changes include added support for Apple’s fourth-generation iPod touch (the current Apple Peel 520 supports the third-generation model), and GPRS data support in addition to EDGE. Unfortunately, however, it looks like 3G is still off limits. Yoison has not yet made any announcements with regard to pricing or availability. Hit the break for a video of the new model in action.

[via BGR]