HeavenHell: A Fun Little Physics Game

Every once and a while, a fun little game reaches the app store. Even more rare is one that is free! It is my pleasure to introduce, HeavenHell. A new physics based game who’s premise seems to be, kill the devils so the angles can float on back to heaven.

Like most of these types of games, there are multiple stages that are unlocked via the completion of the levels within them. Just start at the beginning and go. Every level gets harder and harder, until eventually… you won’t be able to beat it, even on your second try. The physics are really smooth and everything seems to work as it should, at least for me. The gameplay itself is engaging enough to make you want to come back and play again, which is nice. All in all a decent physics game. Well done.

Only one little thing that drives me bonkers. As you may have guessed, this app (being free) is ad supported. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, as I like the concept of them. What is annoying is where the dev decided to place them. They slide down from the top, blocking the screen from view! That’s not even the most annoying part about them however. They are adsense ads, and in this case, the drop-down was designed and formatted for the phone in portrait mode. The thing is, they only appear in game (which is landscape), making them terribly displeasing to the eye.

Other then that one little problem, I have found it a fairly enjoyable game. At its current price point, you would be silly to miss it. You can find HeavenHell on the AppStore here.