HOW TO: Fix Cydia Crashing And Empty Listings

In the past week , we’ve got a lot of emails from you telling us about various Cydia issues. Since we didn’t experience the same issues, it was pretty hard for us to figure it out. But after a few emails sent back and forth and a week later, we got the fix for you guys.

Fix Cydia crashing

  1. First thing you need to do is to download Cydia.deb and copy it via SSH into /var/mobile
  2. Load MobileTerminal and type:
    • su root
    • alpine ( or your password, if you changed it )
    • dpkg -i Cydia.deb
  3. Respring your iPhone

Fix empty listings ( packages and sources )

  1. SSH into your iPhone and browse to the following path: /private/var/lib/apt/
  2. Delete everything you will find there, except the “partial” folder

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