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Is This A First Look At iOS 8 Running On The iPhone 6?


A new screenshot, posted on Weibo, supposedly shows iOS 8 running on an iPhone 6. The screenshot has not been confirmed yet, but it shows a 5×7 icon grid ( including a 5 app dock ) and new apps including Healthbook, CarPlay and a Watch Utility that takes central placement in the dock.

However, the image has a rather strange resolution of 1,600 x 966 pixels that doesn’t really resonate with other screen resolutions Apple uses on existing iPhone and iPad models. To find out if it’s real or not, at least partially, we’ll have to wait for WWDC 2014 where Apple will reveal iOS 8.



Apparently the screenshot above uses Michael Steeber‘s concept icons. So it’s just a fake. Not like most of you don’t hate it anyway, until Apple makes it all crowded like that and all of a sudden it’ll grow on you..