FB Unlimited Chat Heads: Enable Unlimited Chat Heads in Facebook


A few days ago, Facebook has updated their iOS app, and one of the biggest change was the introduction of Chat Heads. Unfortunately, Chat Heads is only working within the app ( Facebook ) and it also has a limit of 4 Chat Heads at once.

An upcoming Cydia tweak will fix the problem of enabling Chat Heads system-wide, but what about the Chat Heads limit? Enter FB Unlimited Chat Heads.

Once you’ve installed FB Unlimited Chat Heads, you can enable/disable landscape mode for Facebook.app and enable/disable unlimited Chat Heads via the tweak’s preference pane in Settings.app.

NOTE: There appears to be a small issue with this release that doesen’t allow you to delete Chat Heads as long as unlimited Chat Heads is enabled.

FB Unlimited Chat Heads is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo…