Fantastical 2 Updated With Improved Notifications, Icon Badges and More…


Flexbits released today a first updated for  Fantastical 2, which comes with improved notifications, icon badges, performance improvements for older devices, various fixes and improvements and more. Jump over the break to check out a full changelog…

  • Fantastical 2 notifications now have a sound
  • Additional App Icon Badge options: Today’s Remaining Events, Today’s Due Reminders, and Incomplete Reminders
  • Adding a phone number as a location shows a call button in event details
  • Double-tapping a date picker switches between showing every minute and every five minutes
  • Added a “reminder” and “due” parameter to the URL handler. Example: fantastical2://parse?sentence=Buy%20milk&reminder=1&due=yyyy-MM-dd%20HH:mm
  • Additional parser improvements
  • Performance improvements for iPhone 4
  • Updated time zone database
  • Fixed a display issue with certain Asian languages
  • Fixed Dynamic Type not respecting large type settings from Accessibility
  • Fixed an issue where calendar colors could appear too dark or too light
  • Fixed an issue when editing events with a custom time zone
  • Fixed addresses in notes not opening in Google Maps when they should
  • Various fixes and improvements

Fantastical 2 is available for $2.99 on the App Store