Famous iPhone Hologram: Real or Fake?

Are you familiar with the video below? If you dont live under some rock, or you are not one of those human beings that just discovered the internet, im pretty sure you are. When it was released on the internet , everybody ( and i mean EVERYBODY ), was talking about it. Pretty much, as far as i know, this app/game/project remains just a video, which makes me pretty sad, because whoever did it ( if it is in fact an app ) is a genius. Well not really a genius, but this is sickkkkk.

Well…. there is something that made me go crazy when i first saw it. But is the second video (below) real? This is an actual hologram, and i am sure the iPhone/iTouch is not capable of such a thing. Ok, let me explain why i dont think its real. Im no expert in holography, not even near of such an acknowledgement , but i know that holography today is used to represent static 3D objects (pictures) and it’s NOT possible (yet) to generate arbitrary scenes by a holographic volumetric display; therefore the iPhone or iTouch is NO volumetric display device. But im sure some of you, if not all of you, know so much more than me about this subject, so im really curious: what do you think?

PS: the first video, can be as real as it gets. Nothing special there. Im curious what do you think about the second video…