EVOUNI Leather ‘Arc Cover’ For iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2

Residing somewhere between luxurious and functional, EVOUNI’s latest “Arc Cover” for the iPhone/iPad 2 makes use of calfskin leather construction to provide an added degree of flexibility not often experienced by traditional case options. Minimal and unobtrusive, the red leather case can bend to a range of angles effectively positioning the iPhone/iPad 2 in a multitude useful ways.

The bi-fold case bends to protect the front screen and is furnished with elegant metal button hardware to both secure your iOS device as well as finish off the refined appeal.

The covers are available on amazon.com:

  • Arc cover for iPhone 4/4S black ( $70 )
  • Arc cover for iPhone 4/4S claret ( $70 )
  • Arc cover for iPad 2 black ( $120 )
  • Arc cover for iPad 2 claret  ( $120 )