Evernote for iOS Updated With New Customizable Home Screen, Themes and More… [video]


Today, Evernote for iPhone and iPad got some of the most-requested features. It’s not only faster and easier to use, but it’s also customizable in ways that users have been requesting ever since the app was updated with an iOS 7 redesign. For the first time, you’ll be able to make Evernote your own in a seemingly-infinite number of ways.

Your Home Screen, Your Way

  • The first thing you’ll notice are the redesigned New Note buttons that now sit at the top of the screen. They’re big, clear and easy to tap. Right above them, is the Settings gear. Tap it to get to the home screen customization options.


  • Choose from the three color themes: light, dark and classic green. I’m partial to the light theme, which looks really great on my black iPhone.


  • Show the sections you need, hide the ones you don’t. Rearrange them until everything is just right. It’s easy to come back and change your selections at any time.


  • You can choose to display recently viewed items for your Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts, and Tags sections. These are great for quickly jumping to the things you’re currently working on, so most of the time the exact thing you want is right under your finger.


  • If you’re interested in keeping up with sync progress, or knowing how recently everything was synchronized, you can have the sync status displayed below the Settings gear.


  • We’ve made the app snappier and more responsive. For example, titling and retitling notes is now approximately a lot faster. Tap into the note title and the cursor pops in right away, note title suggestions appear to make things even quicker. We’ve also tweaked the note editor to make frequently used features easy to find. No more delays. In and out.

Better Business Card Scanning

  • We’ve improved the quality of business card scanning in Evernote, and now allow scanned cards to be added directly to your phone contacts.

Many Bugs Stomped

  • We fixed an issue that was corrupting audio notes on some occasions. The app will also fix and play audio files previously corrupted by this bug. We found and fixed lots of other bugs as well.

And More

  • This update is part of our ongoing effort to make our apps simpler, better and more reliable.

Evernote is available for free on the App Store