Dual Boot iPhone 3G: Install Android OS On Your iPhone

We told you about the dual-boot iPhone 2G and 3G and even provided you a video tutorial on how to install Android OS on the 2G. David Wang aka PlanetBeing published the binaries for iPhone 3G here ( iPhone 2G here ) , if you want to attempt this yourself.

The steps are basically the same as before, except you can put the firmware in a directory on the iPhone OS data partition. This means that you don’t have to modify the ext2 partition as before. One thing I didn’t mention is that you could perform the installation on OS X without a Linux VM if you recompile loadibec and oibc. Otherwise, the directions are the same.

Planetbeing also wrote a tutorial on how to install it here, but be careful … this hack isn’t for the faint of heart.

FSM wants to congratulate Planetbeing and everybody involved in this project….

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