Dropping Calls On Your iPhone 4? Check Out This $0.001 DIY Fix

Everybody is concerned about the reception issues on iPhone 4. Our readers say, they didn’t experience any call dropping , and neither did we. But still, some iPhones are affected , either because this is just an iOS 4 bug, or because ‘you’re holding it wrong’. FastCompany comes up with a DIY solution that will cost you $0.001 .

  1. Get about an inch of scotch tape off the reel (that’s Sellotape if you’re in the U.K.).
  2. Cut it carefully so that you make a rectangle something over a half-inch long and just tall enough to exceed the iPhone 4’s height (about 0.4 inches should do it).
  3. Align the piece of tape so that it’s covering a section of the lower left metal side of the iPhone 4, some below the thin black plastic line and some above.
  4. Stick it around the phone’s metal edge, making sure that all of the back of the edge’s metal strip is covered–you may even be able to leave the front uncovered, as it’s the back where your hand will rest. The main thing is to ensure that it’s unlikely that your palm will touch the metal on both sides of the black plastic line.