‘Driving Curve’ Is Like Nike+ for Driving


The coolest eco driving app “Driving Curve”, it’s like Nike+ for cars, bringing you a new driving experience. All you have to do is open the app and press start button, then start driving!

Driving Curve uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluate your performance through the variance of your speed. All your driving data will be recorded and quantized. See how your speed varies during the trip and review your driving performance on the route.

To improve yourself and increase fuel efficiency, you must tap the gas pedal and brake gently, try your best to drive smoothly. The score you get will be ranked in tournament. Log in with Facebook to compete with your friends!

We recommend stable acceleration, gentle application of the brakes, and maintaining a steady pace whenever possible to keep wear and tear to a minimum and obtain a high score. We hope that while cheerfully pursuing your achievements, you will also gradually improve your driving performance.

Main features

  • High-tech, fiction movie style UI.
  • Build your own driving profile and create personal best records.
  • From regional competetion to world championship. Earn score and the respect of the world best drivers.
  • Personal achievement system. Motivate yourself to improve driving skill and earn more badges.
  • New “FRIEND” function! Invite your friends into the world of Driving Curve!
  • Show your driving performance directly on the route.
  • Voice remind for abrupt speed fluctuation.
  • Share your driving curve to Facebook.

Driving Curve is available for free on the App Store

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