DrawnStrips Reader: Beautiful Way To Read Comics on Mac, OS X Lion Style [video]

DrawnStrips Reader is a new beautiful way to read Comics on Mac, OS X Lion Style. The app offers a minimalist interface with support for OS X Lion multi-touch gestures and supports both CBZ and CBR file format. The multi-touch gestures support, makes it easy yo navigate your favorite Comics, eliminating the need for keyboard shortcuts.

You can scroll, pinch, rotate, swipe etc… to flip through pages, scroll up up/down or zoom in/out. DrawnStrips Reader also lets you easily jump to any section of the comic book, by placing a thumbnail bar at the bottom of the page.

To load a Comic, just open DrawnStrips Reader and drag any .cbz or .cbr file over the app’s icon in your dock…

Features :

  • Beautiful Interface with controls that fade out when not needed.
  • Use Gestures (Scroll, Pinch, Rotate, Swipe …).
  • Full Screen.
  • Extra Thumbnails navigation.
  • Manga or Western Style : 1 page, 2 pages … right to left, left to right …
  • Multi language support (English, French, Japanese).

DrawnStrips Reader is available for $0.99 in the mac app store