DoorJamz: Customizable Doortone for Your Home [video]



DoorJamz is a revamp of the outdated doorbell. Controlled from a smartphone, tablet app or computer, which allows users to hear different songs or sounds when visitors ring their doorbell and offers the option to choose MP3s for different days of the week or for any occasion, such as “Jingle Bells” for the holiday season or “Thriller” on Halloween.

The app’s unique scheduling feature enables customers to reduce volume during set times, like a baby’s naptime or during the night. Users can upload ringtones from their smartphone and alter the length of any song, including adding a fade-in or fade-out element.

There is no reason to settle for a boring sound or unpleasant buzzing noise when someone is at the door. DoorJamz lets you easily change your greeting to a premium sound and schedule the length or volume every time there is a visitor. DoorJamz is a great alternative to a traditional doorbell as it will appeal to any homeowner who likes music.

For added security, the sensitivity can be adjusted in order to alert homeowners of someone’s presence at the door, even if they don’t intend to ring the bell. DoorJamz can be plugged into any wall outlet or into an existing doorbell’s power supply. Future upgrades will allow users to receive snapshots right to a smartphone of visitors from the doorbell’s integrated camera.

For more info, check out the video below and the projects official page at indiegogo…