How To Display Live Weather Info On Your iOS 7 Lock Screen


Have you ever wanted to display live weather on your iOS 7 lock screen ? Now you can! ‘iOS 7 LockScreen Weather’ uses Saurik’s Cydget tweak to add live weather on your iOS 7 lock screen. The theme uses the iOS 7 font in addition to weather icons that compliment your lock screen and is primarily for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. However, it does work on other iOS devices.

Once installed, all you need to do is add your location ID and the weather is displayed on your lock screen. Add your ID is a little bit tricky for new jailbreakers but definitely not brain surgery. Using iFile or via your preferred SSH client navigate to the following folder: System -> Library -> LockCydgets -> iOS 7 LockScreen Weather.cydget -> script

Within this folder there is a file called ‘config.js’. Open this file with your favourite text editor and follow the very simple instructions within. This is how you set your location to display the correct weather.

iOS 7 LockScreen Weather is available for $1.49 on Cydia Store via ZodTTD & MacCiti Repo ( default repo )

lockscreen-live-weather-cydget-2-FSMdotCOM lockscreen-live-weather-cydget-1-FSMdotCOM