Disp Recorder: Jailbreak Fun, Now in The App Store… Again

We have all been called at 10 at night by someone we know with a phone issue, begging for a walkthrough to fix his/her issue. Be it some game, or just a simple settings issue, its a royal PITA to sit there, like the nice person you are, and walk them through their petty little problem step by step. If only you could just email them a quick tutorial vid…

Jailbreakers have had, for a long time, solutions to capture whats going on on screen. Due to apple flat out not allowing things of that nature, folks who chose not to jailbreak had to go without. Very briefly, an app called Display Recorder with the same icon appeared in the store. It was nice, but it was limited in function, and unfortunately very short lived. Apple pulled it a few weeks after it launched without any comment.

Recently a new updated version of that same app released to the app store. Although it was published by a different developer, given the use of the same icon and VERY similar UI style, Im assuming the dev just changed his company name. This time, the app has a brand new name (technically), Disp Recorder. If that were the only change, it would not be very noteworthy. But its quite a nice “update”. Apart from the new name, the rereleased app includes a whole slew of new features.

Some notable ones include:

  • Automatically removing the first and last second from the clip (to remove itself from the movie).
  • Export to Youtube.
  • Ability to capture game play, even big OpenGL games
  • Ability to turn sound capture off
  • MUCH faster
  • Full iPhone 5 Support.

All in all, its a solid “update”. At the time of this writing, it is currently still live and available in the app store. The devs are apparently planning on selling the app for 9.99, but are currently selling it “50% off for a limited time”, so get it while its hot (or still there at all, as this will likely be removed again)

Available for $4.99 in the App Store