HOW TO: Get A Discount On Your AT&T/Verizon iPhone Plan Using A Facebook eMail Address

Tired to pay too much for your iPhone bill? Well, here’s a nifty trick on how to get a discount using a @facebook.com email address. The best part is that, this ‘trick’ works for both AT&T and Verizon plans.

Facebook has just been rolling out their “new messages” service which gives every Facebook user an e-mail address ending in @facebook.com. You can opt-in to this service right now but eventually it wil be rolled out to everyone (takes a few days to get an invite if you request one). This used to be Facebook’s corporate e-mail domain, but they switched all their employees to @fbmail.com so that users can now get their own e-mail address.

Once you get your @facebook.com email address, got to this address and put in your email address, and you will get a 12% service discount with AT&T ( this includes the 2GB data plan and all of the voice plans ).

We’re not sure about the exact way to activate this with Verizon, but if you’ll figure it out, you’ll get a 13% discount at Verizon on service and unlimited data (no discount on messaging or the 150MB data plan).

NOTE: if you’re having issues receiving the e-mail on Facebook once you’ve activated your Facebook e-mail address, you will need to:

  • go into your privacy settings, then click View Settings for Connecting on Facebook. From there set “Send you messages” to everyone. You can then set up your FAN account and change it back right after that.
[via macrumors]

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