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Dimensions: Not Just A Game. It’s A New Way To Perceive Reality [video]

The makers of the smash hit ‘ Inception the App‘, London-based RjDj released ‘Dimensions’ an incredible new sonic adventure game. This unique augmented sound gaming experience transports you to amazing new dimensions using your reality as the interface. With an array of exhilarating new sound effects and stunning use of sensor input the gameplay sets new standards for alternate reality games.

Dimensions is not just a game, it’s a new way to perceive reality. Unlike normal games, this game isn’t played on the touchscreen, its played through your activities in your real life. Most games require your full attention. You either live your life OR play the game. Dimensions is different. You can live your life AND play the game. In Dimensions, you really are inside the game.

Dimensions is available for $2.99 in the app store