Dieter Rams: There’s One Company That Takes Design Seriously – Apple [video]

In a conversation with Dwell Magazine, Dieter Rams a modern design pioneer and one of the most influential industrial designers of our time, discusses the inspiration behind his current exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA.

In the interview Rams says:

“… at this time, you can count companies in the world that takes design really seriously on your ten fingers. Today, I have to say the same thing… you can count them on your ten finger and you have ONE company – and that’s Apple with Steve Jobs who is the man behind… ”

Titled Less but Better, the exhibit includes more than 200 models made by Rams, featuring his renown minimalist design focusing on functionality and user-friendliness. Rams also adds contemporary products to the exhibit, including Apple computers, which were influenced by his Ten Principles of Good Design, an ethos inspiring companies and designers alike.The Less but Better exhibit will run until February 2012 at the SFMOMA.