Decoded: Jay-Z’s Memoir Book Finally Available As An iPhone/iPad App [video]

Back in September, we told you that Jay-Z teamed up with The Source editor Dream Hampton on the book and it’s said to bring forth a “first-person memoir with detailed discussions of his most famous and provocative lyrics.” We also told you that the book will be offered in a hardcover version through publisher Spiegel & Grau and in digital form via an eBook and iPhone/iPad app. The hardcover was released on November 16th, and today the iPhone/iPad app is finally available in the app store…

DECODED is an app like no other: a collection of Jay-Z’s lyrics and their meanings that together tell the story of a culture, an art form, a moment in history, and one of the most provocative and successful artists of our time.

Enhanced with over 30 minutes of never-before-seen video and interactive lyrics for 36 of Jay-Z’s songs, the DECODED app is the ultimate way to get into the mind of Jay-Z. You’ll also be able to vote on the next Jay-Z song to be ‘decoded’ in the app.


Build your own version of DECODED – pick your ten favorite Jay-Z songs to be Decoded, including all-time favorites such as “Big Pimpin’,” “99 Problems,” and more.

For each song you decode, you will unlock:

  • A full set of interactive lyrics complete with Jay-Z’s own notes and annotations. Click and scroll to find out the meaning behind the lyrics and the stories that inspired the music.
  • An excerpt of Jay’s personal story from the pages of DECODED. Learn about his days growing up in Brooklyn, his rise to rap stardom, and his meticulous approach to his craft.
  • Never-before-seen video interviews where Jay-Z discusses the back-story and inspiration for his music (for select songs only).
  • Bonus video: “Rap is Poetry”
  • Get the latest news and updates direct from Jay-Z

** You can also listen to Jay-Z’s songs as you scroll and click through the lyrics (requires songs to be in your iTunes library). Preview any songs you don’t own and then click to buy.

Get the full text of Jay-Z’s DECODED including:

•all 36 sets of interactive and annotated song lyrics
•all of Jay-Z’s personal story
•all 17 never-before-seen video interviews plus two bonus videos: “Rap is Poetry” and “The Evolution of My Style”

The app let you build your own 10-song version for the price of an iTunes album ($9.99). Unlock the full 36-song version with a $24.99 in-app purchase.

Decoded is available in the app store…