The Day That Earth Stood Still – FSMdotCOM Got Hacked

A day to remember : 27.02.2009. Its the day that Earth stood still, the day that FSMdotCOM got hacked. The short version would be something like this : Really sorry for the inconvenience.

The detailed version would sound like this : woke up that morning, smile with the rising sun checked out the comments i got while i was sleeping, and everything was fine in the admin area. Half hour later, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail ( so impersonal ) and ask me : ” did you join the porn industry? ” i had no idea what he was talking about, only to find out some minutes later that if you access you wont find nothing about the iPhone. Instead , you would find the mecca of porn.

FSMdotCOM got hacked and basically they redirected all the traffic to a porn site. To fix the redirect problem was not a hustle, all i need to do is find the <iframe> label in the .php files and remove it. And i had a slight idea where that might be. So i removed it right away. Everything was running great ( so i thought ) until i found that they changed many links to the same porn site.

Spent a few hours changing the links back , and when i thought everything was great something even more interesting happened : Database connection error. At that point you just cant imagine how much fun i was having. I sent an email to GoDaddy, my hosting providers asking them if they know about this issue. But as any support service that you contact via email , it takes days to get a reply, so i decided to call them.

I did, and i explained the problem to them and than ask them if they can restore the database from the previous day when everything was fine. The answer was affirmative, but the downside was that i had to pay $200 for such an operation. I was start laughin, and asked them if they can check the database that i have now, for any problems for free. Of course they could do that, and they told me everything was running fine, and the database is intact.

That was something to be happy about, but still had no idea why wordpress could not access the databse. Only to find out an hour or so later, that they’ve changed the password to my database. Fixed that too, wordpress could connect to the database and get all the information.But the problems didnt stop there. But FSMdotCOM is back, with a clean nice look, and it’s here to stay. Once again sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s hard to keep up with everything ( and there’s a lot of things ) when you are alone. Im multifunctional… 🙂

Such a nice day i had yesterday….