Dark Prophecy iPad App Incorporates A 400-Page eBook And An Hour-Long Film By CSI Creator, Anthony Zuiker [video]

Creator of the hit television series CSI, Anthony Zuiker, is launching a new iPad app that mixes novel storytelling with sensory perception and interaction.

Level 26: Dark Prophecy incorporates an 400-page e-book and an hour-long film — both directed and written by Zuiker but designed by Hooray Society– that centers around a character named Steve Dark.


  • Full version of the book Dark Prophecy, available in three modes: Traditional – Like any eBook this version is text only and does not include the cyber-bridges. Digi-Novel – Containing both text and live-action motion picture cyber-bridges integrated into the reading experience, this option gives you a richer, more immersive experience. Ultimate Digi-novel – Giving you everything the ‘Digi-novel’ has to offer, this option is the ultimate cross-platform experience. While consuming the text and cyber-bridges, this option allows you to collect character bios and evidence as you work alongside Steve Dark to catch the Tarot Card Killer.
  • The one-hour ‘cyber-bridge’ film, written and directed by Anthony E. Zuiker, that takes you deeper into the character of Steve Dark.
  • Interactive Tarot Cards
  • Character Bios and Photos
  • Collect evidence and listen to Steve Dark’s analysis.
  • Behind the scenes videos on the making of Dark Prophecy.
  • An Icon and a Creator: An interview with Anthony E. Zuiker and Ann-Margret.
  • Photo Gallery
  • The Dark Prophecy Trailer
  • Customizable text and audio.

Dark Prophecy is available for $12.99 in the app store…